Wakeman Auto Repair: We maintain your vehicle running at the highest level by employing the latest technology to ensure accurate diagnostics and repairs.
Private Inspection Facility (PIF) authorized by the NJ MVC
May 2016
Failed Inspection: What to do
Do not despair!
New regulations from the Motor Vehicle Commission changes the procedure when your vehicle fails inspection. Good news is we are here to help you. We are a registered Emissions Repair Facility (ERS) and a state-licensed Private Inspection Facility (PIF) which can take the headache out of the process of getting your vehicle inspected.
April 2016
Summer is here!
Prepare your vehicle for summer!
In your visit during this month we will make sure your vehicle is prepared for summer, in systems such as Air Conditioner, fluids and other key diagnostics.
February 2014
New service
Maintain your vehicle on this cold winter!
In your visit during this month we will make sure your vehicle is prepared to withstand the rigors of the winter time which is particularly taxing in several key components of your vehicle.
December 2013
Winter Time
Is it time to change Belts?
When we check your vehicle, we follow the suggested ASE check point diagnostics not only to correct, but also to prevent dangerous situations or expensive repairs that could have been detected.

Wakeman Auto Repair provides an excellent service at affordable prices. We pride ourselves of accurate computerized and multi-point diagnostics to locate, correct or prevent damages in your vehicle and, when possible, we will always try to suggest alternatives.

Opened every day but Sunday, and conveniently located in Verona Avenue, between Summer and Broadway Avenue, and close to McCarter Hwy and Route 21, Wakeman Auto Repair has been an icon with more than 50 years serving its clientele at this same location, which speaks of our reliability and confidence in our work.

Times have changed a great deal since our predecessors serviced vehicles in the shop. However, we have evolved with the times, and today we employ the latest technology for the diagnostic and repair of your vehicle. Cars have evolved too, they have more electronics regulating a great deal of its functioning, and that is what the old techniques don't work anymore. We service all type of vehicles, foreign and domestic, in particular, we are one of the few shops in the area that serve the latest-generation of hybrids, which require very specialized knowledge and high technology.

Thank you for visiting us online, we hope to see you in our shop. While you are here, in the Maps section you will find directions on how to get to our location, and our schedule. We have sites that you may find interesting in the Links section, and in the Services section, you will find information on the type of work we perform. We try to answer the Frequently-Asked Questions of our clients in the FAQ section in a question and answer (Q&A) format, and you will find interesting articles we share in the Blog section. You can always contact us via phone, or by E-mail writing to: info@WakemanAutoRepair.com.

Wakeman Auto Repair: Try us, and your car will tell the difference!

Olmedo Restrepo, General Manager
119 Verona Ave
Newark, NJ 07104
Tel. 973-482-4283
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